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For more than 35 years, Ruoff has helped people discover, finance, and move into their homes. Our emphasis on education and compassion makes us the perfect lender for our real estate partners. By working together, we can help people achieve their homeownership goals.

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Ruoff Agent

Use the Ruoff Agent app to efficiently track your transactions in real-time.

Ruoff Agent is built for any selling or listing real estate agent involved in a transaction financed by Ruoff Mortgage. This app provides a central hub for the agent to track the status of active and closed transactions, examine marketing materials provided by Ruoff Mortgage, and connect potential clients with Ruoff Mortgage loan officers. Downloading this app also ensures the agent will have real-time push notification updates on their phone when customers pass a key mortgage milestone.

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Marketing made for you.

The Ruoff brand is familiar and powerful across all mediums. Our experienced in-house Marketing Department is constantly creating printed and online materials that are proven to capture interest. Peruse our Marketing Catalog Site where you’ll find valuable co-branded materials like open house flyers, seminar PowerPoints, advertisements, guides and checklists. We will help grow your business with a personal touch and solid referrals. Build trust as an industry expert by partnering with one of our experienced loan officers.


Facebook Guide

Facebook for Real Estate Agents is a marketing guide to engage your customers on the massive platform. Learn the basics or advance your knowledge on creating marketing strategies, building trust, and increasing engagement. With specific examples, pro-tips, and great advice from experienced marketing professionals, you will learn how to better utilize Facebook to boost your business.

Hear from people like you

  • “The introduction of the Ruoff Milestone update was one of the best things done by a lender in a long time! My buyers love them as it keeps them up to date on the progress of their loan and is a big stress reliever. Even better, I am able to share with my sellers that everything is moving along nicely as they are typically “out of the loop” and for this reason the selling side is grateful! The Ruoff Milestone saves me from having to track down information from lenders for my clients."

    Steve M, Real Estate Agent
  • “I love when my clients choose Ruoff because the get the job done right the first time. The Milestone updates are wonderful. It’s priceless to know where we are in the loan process without having to reach out for information. It just can’t be beat!”

    Heidi H, Real Estate Agent
  • “I refer all of my buyers to Ruoff. They know their stuff, and I am always confident that they will guide my clients in the proper direction. I know that they will help my buyers through every step of the buying process. They’re wonderful communicators!”

    Ashley J, Real Estate Agent
  • “Ruoff is just absolutely amazing to work with. They really care and try and help buyers in every way possible. As a Realtor I’ve seen the steps they take to get a buyer where they need to be and they are absolutely the best at what they do.”

    Patrick H, Real Estate Agent

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What makes Ruoff Mortgage so great?

Our team works together like a family and we treat our customers the same way. We take time to answer questions, share knowledge, and show support to our clients and each other. We celebrate the communities in which we live, and help to make our neighborhoods thrive.

We are industry leaders, too. We have been named in the Top 100 mortgage companies by both Mortgage Executive Magazine and The Scotsman Guide. We also have had an unbroken streak as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies since 2013.

What resources can Ruoff provide to me?

Our goal is to help you succeed. We are leading the industry with our cutting-edge technologies and processes. With the most robust software, a custom app, and access to hundreds of marketing materials, Ruoff will support you every step of the way.

How fast can Ruoff close on a loan?

When it comes to processing and closing on loans, Ruoff is unbeatable. From the moment we receive an application, we make sure the process moves swiftly – often twice as fast as other lenders – so our clients can close quickly and settle in sooner. We are very proud of our 15 days or less application-to-close timeline.

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