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Ruoff Mortgage knows that researching and educating yourself is the first step towards making any big decisions. Buying, selling, or refinancing a home will be some of the biggest decisions you'll make, and we want you to feel prepared and confident when the time comes. We have guides for every stage of the process with detailed explanations of what you should expect, and worksheets to help you plan for your homeownership dreams.

Home Shopping Home Buying Home Selling Refinance

Home Shopping Guide

We know that purchasing a home can seem intimidating. A little research and preparation can make the process go smoothly. This guide is written to help some shoppers with this next big step in in their lives. It will help answer many of the questions you may have in regards to finding the right Realtor, neighborhood, and home.

Home Buying Guide

Are you ready to buy your next home? The mortgage process may look complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide was written to help homebuyers learn about financing their home. This guide contains the do’s and don’ts of home buying, the breakdown of your mortgage payment, what to expect at the closing table, and more.

Home Selling Guide

Selling your home can be an overwhelming task for even the most prepared seller, so we’ve put together this Homeseller’s Guide to help you best prepare your house, and yourself, for the sale. You’ll learn which updates add value, why you need a realtor, how to negotiate with buyers, tips for staging and showing your home, and more.

Refinance Guide

Is refinancing right for you? This guide offers an in-depth look at what to consider when looking into a refinance, and how it can impact your loan in the long run. We will cover all the commonly asked questions relating to refinancing, how to create a strategy for your loan, and step by step instructions on the loan process.

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