What is a Renovation Loan?

A Renovation Loan, with Ruoff Mortgage, gives you the opportunity to buy or refinance a home in need of repairs or updates and roll those costs into one simple home loan.

The repairs or improvements can be as simple as fixing the roof or replacing carpet to remodeling a kitchen or adding on a master suite. The choices are up to you!

Bonus: Your loan and the value of the property will be based upon the condition and value after the repairs are completed. The renovation loan allows you the potential to gain instant equity in your home.

How does it work?

It all starts with deciding on the updates you would like to make in your current home. Your contractor and Ruoff will do the rest!

We will manage your renovation funds for you by tracking and dispersing all payments to your contractors. We will order inspections from certified home inspectors and/or appraisers to ensure work is complete and finished in a professional manner.

You and your contractor will have the peace of mind knowing the funds allocated for the renovation will be safe and available when a payment is required.

I want to buy a fixer upper

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Renovation Purchase

I want to remodel my current home

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Renovation Refinance